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CASIO and Steppi: Where Sport meets Music

Music and sports have many things in common. Researches proved that musicians can improve their skills and performances by being athletes, and being more active. Not to mention the effect of music on any physical performance and the positive impact on improving your endurance and overall mood.

CASIO Middle East and Africa have teamed up with Steppi App to give you another reason to be more active and motivated. For all Keyboard players, and for anyone who wants to buy a new Keyboard, you can avail of up to 100 AED savings on your next CASIO Music purchase. The only thing you should do is to walk for it!

What is Steppi App?

Steppi is a free app that can be installed on both IOS and android devices. The app has a simple dashboard that displays your steps count. These steps can be redeemed into instant discounts from Steppi rewards.

How Can you redeem the discount?

Register on the Steppi app.

Type Casio Music in the search bar.

Redeem the collected steps with discounts on CASIO Music products.

Redeem 20,000 steps with 100 AED Savings and Redeem 10,000 steps with 50 AED Savings.

The offer is valid for three months period, and The redemption will be on all the Casio products with the exception of the SA series.

Where to buy?

This offer is valid inside UAE only, You can avail the discount on any DJ corner website or store.

Check DJ Corner website Here!

CASIO Music More Than Just a Sound!

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